About DXN Company

The Dxn international Company was founded in 1993 in Malaysia by Dr. Lim Seo Jin, and the company is cultivating and producing a kind of red mushroom.
Known as: Jananoderma, also known as the Rishi fungus, is a fungus with medicinal properties that are useful for the health and vitality of human body members,
According to the many researches that have been carried out, he is known in Chinese medicine books with the king of Herbs.
The founder of the company, Dr Lim Seo Jin, conducted intensive research for over 10 years on the medical and nutritional values available in Lucudom janandirwhat and its vital effects on the overall health of the human being, dedicated to the production of entire farms, 60 farms with an area of about 25 hectares, in addition to A group of factories to produce products that are included in red mushrooms as a staple, and many from several countries have made a field visit to farms and factories, and have seen they are at the highest levels of idealism, quality and scientific technique, and they take the best global production systems that have made them get many of awards and certifications for Excellence and excellence in global quality standards.

Awards and certificates

DXN Concept

integrated process, one world market, one way of thinking
integrated process: an integrated process of agriculture to marketing by the company alone.
single world market: Distributors enjoy incentives worldwide with one membership card.
One way of thinking: the company and distributors are demonstrating a common global vision.

DXN Philosophy

high quality, lower price, less advertising, more profit
Our philosophy-providing high-quality products, at low prices, and converting expenses for advertising and advertising
to a growing monthly income for marketers, this is the idea of the Dxnsystem.
This system in its fair form can benefit anyone.
Our system enables anyone to take advantage of his personal achievements beside his team leading him to financial independence.
More importantly, many people have strongly witnessed the benefits of our products when they enjoy better health and vitality through their constant consumption of products.
Our philosophy, is the foundation on which our success in the direct sales system industry is based.

Company Products

The global DXN company produces more than 70 products, all of which are 100% natural products free of any chemical additions or illegal additions, some of which are

Gano Massage Oil
Ganozhi Soap
DXN Talcum Powder
Tea Tree Cream
Ganozhi Toothpaste
DXN Ganozhi Body Foma
DXN Ganozhi Shampoo
Aloe – V Hand& Body Lotion
Aloe – V Facial Cleansing Foma
Decolors Lipstick
DXN Lion’s Mane Tablet
قرص سبيرولينا DXN
DXN Zhi Mint Plus
DXN Cocozhi
DXN Lingzhi Black coffee
DXN Spica Tea
DXN Spirulina Cereal
DXN Morinzhi
DXN Morinzyme
DXN Cordypine
DXN Lingzhi coffee 2 in 1
DXN Lingzhi coffee 3 in 1
Gano Massage Oil
Ganozhi Soap
DXN Talcum Powder
Tea Tree Cream
Ganozhi Toothpaste
DXN Ganozhi Body Foma
DXN Ganozhi Shampoo
DXN Lion’s Mane Tablet
قرص سبيرولينا DXN
DXN Cordyceps Powder
DXN Cordyceps Tablet
DXN splrulina powder
Ganocelium (GL)
Reishi Gano (R-G)
DXN Mycodiet
Reishilium Powder
Aloe – V Hand& Body Lotion
Aloe – V Facial Cleansing Foma
Decolors Lipstick

The marketing method followed by the Dxn global company

  • The company hires those who want to enter the multi-layered marketing style of the company from various countries of the world, and supports them by giving them the membership of dxnworldwide for life.
  • In order to become a member of the Dxnglobal company, the individual must register with the company from (here)or by visiting the nearest branch and registration under: 144139003.
  • The company determines the price of the members and a special rate for non-members, which is similar to the wholesale and sectoral price in the normal trade tradition of the whole world.
  • If a member wishes to take advantage of the company's products for personal or family consumption, it obtains it (at least once a year) of any distribution outlet for the company around the world at the price of the members, and may take advantage of those products by reselling them to non-members, to be bound by the firm price of non-members.
  • By doing so, it allows a diligent "employee" to outperform a "manager" and to be overtaken by rank and thus reward.

Class Marketing Features

  • more flexible working times.
  • There is no need for experience (we help you understand and implement the plan).
  • No need to make an inventory
  • No risk, small capital, good benefits.
  • No age limits (as long as the member exceeds 18 years).
  • You are the head of yourself, so you get the following liberties:
  • Financial freedom.
  • Health freedom.
  • Freedom of time and space.
  • Freedom of public relations.

Company Membership


Allowances to which a member is entitled according to its level:
  • Personal purchases allowance.
  • Development allowance (15%).
  • A mobile phone bonus once.
  • One-time travel allowance.
  • Profit-sharing bonus with the company (2%).
  • In addition to attending an international training course (2%).
  • Driving allowance (15%).
  • Group increment (depending on the points that the group registers monthly).

Membership Card

The new member company gives an initial membership card

Immediately upon subscription, then the international official membership card is delivered after a maximum of two months of registration,
He disclosed the points and percentage reached by the member, and the number of Members who had joined the membership.
To join the membership of the Global Dxncompany please register from(Here)
or by visiting the nearest branch anywhere in the world and registering under the number:

Membership degrees in DXN

  • member.
  • Client Star: 4500 cumulative point.
  • The Ruby Star: the adoption of 3 persons with a star client degree in the first generation.
  • The Diamond Star: Six people were adopted as star client in the first generation.
  • The oldest diamond star: When you have two people with a diamond star in the first generation.
  • Double tragedies: When you have 4 people with the first generation Diamond star.

Plan to achieve high income from the company (DXN)

Five-year period (1) to month (60)

Before you start applying this plan by attending specialized courses on how to succeed in direct sales marketing,

and how to polarize members, how to train them and motivate them, then you'll start to implement the plan, and in what the plan statement will come:

the beginning is:

registering (6) partners of successful positive and leading personalities.

plan from the first month to the second month, which is as follows:

access to a star client, no investigation (4500) point, in the following ways:

  • personal consumption: b [changing grocery] for consumer products and dietary supplements.
  • Investment, individuals (junction) or Joomla: distribution to
    (groceries, restaurants, hairdressing salons, women's beauty salons, sewing workshops, cafes,
    or hotels, sports clubs, or al-Attar, or villages) Remote, or fuel stations in fast lines,
    or school canteens, or the work of advertising and promotional gifts).
  • join the successful members, each member gets 100 points from it.

In this way the member will reach the stage of a star client (SA), with a rate of 25%, and the income from (150) to $300.

Membership of the global company DXN

to join the dxn international company please register from (here)

or by visiting the nearest branch anywhere in the world and registration under the number: 144139003

We welcome your contacts. On the following means of communication